continued cooperation

In the meantime, Tim Janus is the IT partner for Excalibur Store. Among other things, this involves the digital integration of the Bricklink sales platform and other platforms into the internal processes at Excalibur Store.

Cooperation in the context of TU Dortmund

The collaboration between Tim Janus and Excalibur Store started in 2021. Based on exciting discussions with the founders Mr. and Mrs Semp, Mr. Janus has proposed the group work „Classifying LEGO bricks – A building block of a LEGO sorting machine“ for the students of the course "Machine Learning Methods for Engineers" (MLME). The group was supervised by Mr. Janus and was supported by Excalibur Store with a Lego Star Wars set.

"Feedback!" an interactive programming course

Feedback! is a learning course based on the "MATLAB Grader" platform, which reacts to incorrect solutions to programming tasks with immediate feedback in order to provide students with assistance. For this purpose, concepts of automated testing from software development were used under the supervision of Mr. Janus. In this way, it was possible to create a collection of tasks that can be carried out by students independently and without on-site tutorials.

The average grade in the exam was two grades higher for students who successfully studied with "Feedback!".

A task from the course

Optimize Chemical Process Flow

OCPF is an optimization framework for design optimization of chemical plants. The framework was developed during the PhD thesis of Mr. Janus at the Chair of Process Dynamics and Control. The framework uses evolutionary algorithms and artificial intelligence to perform steady-state optimizations for chemical plants. Among others, it has been applied in the E&T department of Bayer AG.

Chemical plant
Presentation at the PSE2022 Kyoto

In addition to Mr. Janus, numerous bachelor's and master's theses have contributed to the framework.

Scientific publication in the special issue "Artificial Intelligence" of the journal Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik (CIT)