Since my childhold, I love software development and here I share my knowledge about programming, design patterns etc. I started with C/C++ and did a journey through chemical engineering and many programming languages as: Java C#, Python and PHP. Today I prefer to develop with the programming language Rust.

Short video about what we can do with Rust!

Rust is becoming a gamechanger for system programming languages because of its security guarantees and very good performance. Its advantages are:

  • 70% less security releated bugs, Source
  • Lower complexity than C++
  • The same performance as C++, Source

Besides that, new chances for software systems that are aware of perfomance are rising:

  • Cloudprovider, e.g. AWS, bill based on needed computational effort
  • The computional effort influences the battery lifetime of mobile devices
  • The computational effort correlates with the CO2 emissions for the application of software

Summarized: The performance of software systems saves costs and has advantages for the costumer and on top it helps by reaching our climate goals.